Revolutionizing Sales,
Progressing Spirituality.


On Sales

Dave has been in the professional selling world for 13 years. 

Dave has served as an individual contributor, sales manager, sales trainer, training manager, and sales enablement leader. 

Dave is currently working on his first sales book, in collaboration with another author. Look out for "The Buying Zone" in 2020.

On Spirituality

Dave grew in up in non-denominational Christian house. 

Dave went bible college and started his career as a youth pastor. Even though Dave changed his career to being a sales professional, Dave has never stopped his pursuit of understanding philosophy, biblical interpretation (exegesis and hermeneutics), and  epistemology. 

Dave wrote his first book in 2017 and it will be published soon. It is called "What the Hell do I know? An exegesis of the Bible from a millennial"